What is Fresh Press Media?

We’re an online content publishing house. We produce a large variety of unique, professional content across our online platforms daily, distributing it to readers within our own internal website networks, Read Everything and Grid, as well as providing it for use to other companies.

We also aim to provide aspiring journalists the footing to succeed in journalism. This is an industry that many find hard to access and gain experience in, so we strive to give that opportunity and stage the new wave of journalists.

We want to change things for the better.

What we provide...

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Add to your experience and have something credible and respectable to put on your university application or job CV.

Professional Websites

We build professional websites to house professional editorial. That’s what we pride ourselves on.

Industry Networking

Talk to like-minded bloggers and connect with industry leaders including clubs, journalists and top writers from around the sporting world.

Social Media

We offer the experience to professionally manage social media accounts and develop large, honed and engaged followings for the relevant website that is being created.


We all get on and that helps us succeed. From the guys at the top of the business to the guys who build the websites to the guys that write for them – everyone is valued the same.


We can provide high quality, professional football content for companies looking to licence copy, including various types of articles.


Our web developing team will keep your site up to date with new features and developments, plus fix any issues you may have.


Receive analytics on your website to assess popularity of site pages and areas of the world that visit your website most.

White Labelling

We offer our unique, hand built, front-end submission system for white labelling, saving you the hassle. Contact us.

  • "The thirst for content has never been more apparent and Fresh Press are some of the best online content producers I know."

    Tony Evans - Former Football Editor, The Times

  • "This is great, valuable experience for anyone that wants to make tracks in the industry. It's all about getting your foot in the door."

    Mark Pougatch - ITV Football Presenter

  • "The quantity, quality and variety of the content these guys produce is staggering. Go and take a look."

    Ed Malyon - The Independent

  • "A highly impressive, enthusiastic & talented group of young people making waves in the media industry."

    Chris Bascombe - Merseyside Football Reporter, The Telegraph

  • "If you are looking to gain experience in journalism, the Fresh Press team can provide you with everything you need to take the first steps."

    Ben Lyttleton - European football writer and broadcaster

  • "Blogging is still the best way for young writers to make their name and Fresh Press Media can really help you get noticed."

    Iain Macintosh - Writer, Author and The Set Pieces Editor

Meet The Team...

Harry Hugo

Co-founder & CEO

Harry makes sure everything ticks over commercially. He's been in love with blogging ever since he can remember. Liverpool supporter.

Dan Wilcox

Co-founder & COO

Dan takes care of business operations, oversees communication and conducts the general running of the company. He's a Liverpool fan.

Geoff Sutton
Geoff Sutton

Board Advisor

Geoff advises the business on commercials and guides the company's content. He also helps oversee communication. He's an Arsenal fan.

Ste Hoare

Business Director

Ste manages all of the company's content, including its planning and production. He leads the content team. He's a Liverpool fan.

Will Woodward

Head Web Developer

Will takes care of the websites, the servers and all general modifications. He also develops football widgets. He supports Liverpool and loves code.

Ryan Darby

Content Manager

Ryan heads up the content side of the business, producing a wide range of articles and managing our content executives. He's a Chelsea fan.

Luke Osman

Football Content Executive

Luke is part of the content team, helping create and push content across our networks. He's a Southampton fan.

Dan Emery

Football Content Executive

Dan is part of the content team. He provides content for our football sites, both in terms of news and opinion pieces. Dan is a Norwich fan.

Alex Murray

Football Content Executive

Alex is part of the content team. He produces articles and helps to manage our interns. He's an avid Norwich fan.

Elliott Cuff

Football Content Executive

Elliott is also part of the content team. He provides content for the network during some of our busiest evenings. He is an Everton supporter.

Charlie Smith

Sport Content Executive

Charlie is part of the content team where he provides the weekend coverage across our various sports sites. He supports Leeds United.

Abdullah Mulla

Sport Content Executive

Abdullah is part of the content team where he covers a wide range of sports, from cricket to golf and plenty more. He supports Man United.

Sam Brown

Sport Content Executive

Sam is part of our sport content team. He provides articles for a wide range of our sports sites. He is a Wycombe Wanderers fan.

Rebecca Hawksworth
Rebecca Hawksworth

Football Content Executive

Becca is part of our football writing team, providing content for our football sites. She's a Derby County fan.

Ashley Colbourn
Ashley Colbourn

Football Content Executive

Ashley joined our writing team after completing an internship with us as part of his degree with Leeds Trinity. He's an Ipswich Town fan.

Henry Jackson
Henry Jackson

Football Content Executive

Henry forms part of our football writing team, covering morning commuting hours. He's a big Liverpool fan.

Our Alumni

For those looking to get into the sports media industry, university is great for learning the basics and meeting likeminded people - I think it's an important experience, but the future is in digital and social, and that's not something that a sports journalism course will prepare you for. Fresh Press will. As soon as I became en editor of one of the sites, I began to understand what content truly works on a social web, and how to manage a team of people. Those two skills are now crucial in my job as Sport Campaign Lead at The Goat Agency, a job I landed thanks to the contacts and expertise I gained at Fresh Press. I'm now leading social campaigns for the likes of Chelsea FC, Unibet and lots more.

Ben Smith - Sport Campaign Lead at The GOAT Agency

Without working for Fresh Press, there's no way I'd be in the position I am now. The fact that Fresh Press is now a recognised name in the sports journalism world gave me a head start and the added responsibility of immediately being in charge of the social media channels enabled me to quickly learn best practises in terms of understanding not only how to conduct yourself and grow the channels, but also how to engage with the existing audience. Fresh Press also provide an incredible team of experienced people who will help you to understand the targets and strategy along the way.

Adam Hamdani - Freelance Social Media at The Independent, BT Sport

Fresh Press provided me with a platform to showcase my work to a larger audience, and I credit a large proportion of the paid opportunities that I've had since to that initial work experience. The excellent support network provided, together with some slick website features and access to Getty Images make it a smart first step for any budding journalist looking to get noticed.

Patrick Boyland - Freelance Journalist and Radio Broadcaster

Fresh Press helped me out tremendously. They helped me get my work out there to a large audience of people, learn key skills in the industry, and allow me a whole host of opportunities such as appearing on Ball Street, that helped stand me in good stead for a full-time paid writing role without going to University. Fresh Press is the perfect platform for anyone aspiring to get into journalism.

Josh Lawless - Writer at Sport Bible

Fresh Press has provided me with a fantastic platform to not only express my views and opinions as a journalist but has also allowed me to network and create professional relationships with others in the industry. They have been a key part of my development as a journalist as well as handing me a fantastic base to kick start my career from.

Ryan Darby - Content Executive at Fresh Press Media

Starting out as a simple blogger, Fresh Press gave me the opportunity to spearhead a brand new project with The Irons Circle (which later became Read West Ham) which gave me an opportunity to really curate and mould something of my own and grow it into something substantial. Within a year, it had became the most-read West Ham fan site on the internet. Clearly, this made a lasting impression as I was brought on board as a full-time member of staff as the network began to grow. In the two and a half years I've spent as part of the community here at Fresh Press, I've learned to tailor my writing specifically to how the audience wants it, while also being able to shape my work to make it the most appealing on social media. Fresh Press have provided me with opportunities to attend VIP events with West Ham and work closely with the club on a number of promotions which have given me experiences I'll never forget.

Michael Oliver - Senior Content Executive at Fresh Press Media

Working at Fresh Press gave me a great understanding of how to use social media as a promotion tool and I’ve taken that understanding into my current role. I learned a lot on how to engage with users as well as some useful tips in terms of what and what not to do on social media. I now use all of the things I learned at Fresh Press in my daily work, so I am thankful for the time and effort the team there put in to help me.

Ashley Thornton-Jones - Social Media Manager at Ten10 Talent

Since writing for Fresh Press, I've developed my writing skills and have refined my ability as a budding sports journalist. The help I've received regarding how to improve the way I write and the people I have worked with have been fantastic for me and I'd recommend Fresh Press to anyone who is hoping to get their name out there and push into the industry. It's the best platform and working environment you could wish for. The fact that I went from a blogger to a paid position just shows the development opportunities that are on offer.

Luke Osman - Content Executive at Fresh Press Media

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